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Andrej Romić
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Andrej Romić Also a pleasant surprise when I found out this band in December of 2016. I like grindcore, but it usually is pretty boring and monotone, but not in the sound of WVRM. This band is something this genre never experienced before. Combining fast and SLOW speed in their sound, fast blast beats, yet a slow sludgy atmosphere. INCREDIBLE. I made my list already when this album came out, but I absolutely regret it now. Fantastic album, one of the best of 2016 in its genre. Favorite track: Death Erection.
Austin Grant
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Austin Grant wvrm is the best band
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released December 23, 2016

Engineered by Derick Caperton
Drums engineered by Cocoa Bishop
Mixed and mastered by Phil Pluskota at Sonic Assault Studios
All songs written and recorded by WVRM
Art by Matt Stikker



all rights reserved


WVRM Greenville, South Carolina


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Track Name: Death Erection
Sun rises
Alone again
Another night in the shack
Counting spiders
Eating ants
This life is slow death
I am a ghost haunting my own house
Killing myself from the inside out
Waiting on the call that will never come
The solace in your voice when I'm reminded of home
Thoughts drift back to those anguished days
Bitter words
Broken strength
As I try to forget every contour of your face
Killing myself below your tower of gold
Building a ladder of blood and bone
Filling my lungs as I open the wound
And let spill the floods of you
Hold me as I slit my throat and bleed you out across a grey sky
As it fills and spills over every pavement crack we walked on as kids
Please, my heart
Come back
Track Name: Night Collector
As silent to me as the wind on the tide
Your hand as unreachable as Jupiter's Eye
I clawed at your frame as it turned to smoke and fell away
Becoming every star in my lonesome sky
Track Name: Fucked
Our failed love and the regret it brings
Our first name nights and the shame of the in-between
Haunting me
Three words that choke you in your sleep
How they rang as loud as crashing cars
And stretched further than all our wounded roads
You were as the damage and trauma
Beautiful like dying butterflies given to withered petals
I felt the winter coming
I felt an aging spring
Never knew what kind of sorrow the passing years could bring
So I'll wait here for my days to lay claim
When our torn paths are lined with broken graves
And every rope I gave sways empty in the breeze
Like Spanish Moss upon South Carolina trees
Our failed love
The regret it brings
Forever haunting me
Track Name: Slow Strangle
Dark cloud overhead
Circling my crown of thorns
With hell above it writes my sin
Another tragedy born in the downpour
My world is flood
Tears that form a sea of blood
Prayer position with open wrists
Fitting signature to a broken life of shit
No choice left to those starving
Track Name: Low Life
Life is a curse
Death will become your savior
God isn't real
The holy fall silent
Tell me, have you found your place?
The books are all burnt in the valley of the giant
Withered hands will show you the way
Life is a curse
Death will become your savior
Living on in the void just isn't worth it
Track Name: Only Suffering
In my dreams these tears have made a river that brings me to you
I fall upon your shore as you call out to me
No longer old and tired
With both eyes as bright as I remember
We walk through a forest together
You're in my arms again
These dreams won't end solemnly, but in agony
Knelt before a sonic altar built just for you
This can't be the end
Weighed down by every regret
Every failure I wish I could erase
My world a tomb of crumbling statues
And each one resembling your face
No tears will bring you back
Yet still I weep
No soft goodbyes
Only suffering
Track Name: Sleep Paralysis
There's no future when you grow up poor
Watching dreams die from the landfill on a far off shore
They are Phantom Limb
They are Poltergeist
Forever haunting these rotten bones
Do you know what I think of when I'm alone?
Another day
Another lie
Another reason to die
Hope has wasted my life
Crushed by mountains
My mind is a casket
Covered in claw marks and splintered teeth
So afraid of what lies within
And what lies beneath
O' desolate void
With arms outstretched
Bury me in the ashes of impoverished life
Carve out my heart in the shadow of false light
When the embrace of lovers and friends withers with time
So too must my love die
May their absence bear no end to my suffering
May their loss suffocate me slow
Track Name: As Below
I will leave you forever
I will burn it all to the ground
I will have no tombstone
Nothing for you to cling to
I gave everything
And if I'm no one to you now then I'm nothing at all
Swallow despair
Like the barrel of a shotgun
"The sun also sets"
As Hemingway said
I'm so sick of this shit
Death only hurts the living