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Recorded mixed and mastered by Grant Tyler
Recorded October 2013


released December 9, 2013

All songs written by WVRM.



all rights reserved


WVRM Greenville, South Carolina


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Track Name: Funeral Heart
In my heart there is a funeral
ever dark and perpetual
in my heart it is permanent winter
leaves gently falling upon your name
and everyday I return to embrace the headstone
overgrown and broken
as these tears are falling
I sing to you every night from here
Track Name: Appleseed
I will wait by the grave
as those old ghosts drag you back to this place
and I stand still
in that worn out suit
clutching flowers rotten and wilted
smile faded in the summer heat
eyes darkened in your heart's fatigue
how they lost their light
how I long to see them one last time
to hold your hand in mine
and it all reminds me of how our seasons changed to black and grey
how those brilliant yellows and blues did fade away
as our halo fell and our kingdom turned to dust
I still remember those words

"Sometimes love isn't enough"
Track Name: Haunted
Foolish fucking pack rat
clinging to trash
she's never coming back
stop living in the past
Track Name: Coffin Dragger
With this sorrow unending
I am as a vampire, cursed to drag her coffin
to always remember what will never return
Track Name: The Rotted
We are the rotted
love is deceased
we are the lost
spreading disease
run on my demon
run on from me
run on my demon
run from my ring
we are the rotted
love is deceased
we are the lost
we are diseased
Track Name: Cry Baby
These sheets are an endless black sea
an ancient raven's plume
carrying me over hell and over memory
as I'm obsessing over what you're doing and if you're thinking of me
I touch your name on the backlit screen
a familiar mistake I can't help but repeat
you'll pick up the phone
you'll roll your eyes
I'm falling apart again tonight
Track Name: Old Boy
For every wounded road
for every heart I'll never hold
I sing this unto you
walk on by
walk upon my grave
leave love rotted
leave me the fuck alone like you always do
the caress that never found me
tied to the gallows tree
the words that never spoke through me
I long, I long for thee
so lay bare your bones to remind me I'm all alone
pierce my chest
slit my throat
show me that hell exists when this blood's gone cold
Track Name: Downpour
Heartache come crashing
be my crown
downpour come weeping
within black clouds
these skies were always meant to bring hell
our love was always meant to fail
see her heaven?
it was mine
that halo hanging
poisoned with time
four years to know me
four years to leave
four years to show me
four years to bleed
that letter was my goodbye to what we had
and who you used to be
heartache come crashing
be my crown
downpour come weeping
within black clouds
my floods are growing
stronger now
in my sorrow
you will drown

These words, my vengeance
for love abandoned
these words, my only repose
we could of had it all